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The Golden Gate Spiritualist Church is a non-profit organization dependent on your generosity to keep our church doors open and our services scheduled. All donations are gratefully accepted.

You may donate during the church service, or through PayPal. 

You may also send a check to:

Golden Gate Spiritualist Church

1901 Franklin Street,

San Francisco, California 94109

We appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.

If you would like to make a donation please use the
Donate button or PayPal QR code below.
Thank you for your support.

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The Golden Gate Spiritualist Church is a 122 year old building, and requires constant upkeep for the church doors to remain open.

One compelling project currently underway is the renovation of the rear deck, steps, ramp and refurbishment of the covered porch, adjacent to the downstairs kitchen. The crumbling porch enclosure windows and walls have been removed to reveal

the original porch roof and pillars. The damaged and worn deck has been demolished and replaced with

new decking, new guardrail and handrail.

New steps and a ramp have been installed. This renovation and refurbishment will provide a welcoming outdoor deck

and covered porch for after service refreshments and meetings.

This has been a very necessary project for the church, enabling us to continue to serve you.

 We appreciate any and all donations towards the maintenance and building fund

to help fund this necessary, but very expensive project.

If questions, please contact us.

We appreciate all you can do to help us all fund this important project, to benefit us all.


GGSC rear before 1_edited.jpg


Church construction B 8-14-22.jpg


If you'd like to assist your church in keeping the doors open to the community and the world, we need your help. 

  • The church needs a new garage door and garage door opener.

  • Our roof over the church platform has begun to leak in the last storm. We have repaired the problem, but need to cover the costs incurred. 

You can assist your church

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