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The Golden Gate Spiritualist Church was granted its charter from the National Spiritualist Association of Churches on April 5, 1924. The church was founded by Rev. Florence Harwood Becker, with the support of a small group of devoted Spiritualists. A building fund had begun earlier, with money for a church property and building raised through holding socials at member's homes on a regular weekly basis. The fund raising efforts continued through the 1940s.

The church first held services in the Redman's Building at 240 Golden Gate Avenue and continued at that location until the building was sold in April, 1947. The congregation moved to the Native Sons building at 414 Mason Street.

Accumulated Church Building Funds made an offer possible in 1951 for the Crocker Mansion, located at 1901 Franklin Street. The building, built in the Italian Renaissance style for Margaret E. Crocker, widow of Judge Edwin B. Crocker of the California Supreme Court, was built in circa 1900.

The members remodeled the interior to make it suitable for a church.

Rev. Becker, born February 16, 1892, the church founding pastor, principal medium and beloved teacher, continued in those roles until

she passed to Spirit on July 12, 1970.

Reverend Florence Becker quotes:

"No one eats for you, no one sleeps for you, don't let anybody think for you."

"You pause, you think, you apply, you concentrate, you meditate. Then search for that mighty treasure. When you have found it, nothing can take it from you."

"Concentration is pointedly focusing on one thing until it vanishes and only the meaning remains on the mind."

"If you reach a point of concentration, nothing (coarser) can get in." 

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Reverend Florence Becker

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

President - Michael Franklin

Vice-President - Susan Hazard

Treasurer - David Haddick

Secretary - Barbara Dullea

Director - June Johnson

Credentialed Workers

Charlyn Spitzer - Licentiate Minister

Susan Hazard - Certified Medium