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The Golden Gate Spiritualist Church contracted with Northgate Development to repair and renovate the existing deck and covered porch at the rear of the church, adjacent to the kitchen and office. This project repaired and replaced the existing deck, removed the walls and windows from the enclosed porch, and added new steps and ramp. 


The original covered porch of the church was enclosed a number of years ago to create an additional meeting area, and was later used as office space. The siding and windows are in an almost derelict state.  The siding and windows were removed, once again revealing the covered porch area. These repairs and renovations included restoration of the deck and porch to add an outdoor gathering space for after service refreshments and a meeting space for members

and visitors. The repairs will also addressed the deck and porch interface with the walls of the building,

eliminating further water intrusion and weather damage.


The derelict deck has been replaced with new decking, new steps and ramp and new handrails have been installed. Gutters have been installed, and waterproof paint has been applied to the entry, the patio

and the ramps.

The cost of repairs and renovation has been just over $65,280.00.

This is a substantial cost to the church, but absolutely necessary to maintain the integrity of the building structure and provide access and gathering area for members and visitors. We appreciate your support and assistance in helping us fund this major work project. Your donations to assist us in covering the cost of this necessary work

are deeply appreciated. 

Porch deck, railing, ramp and steps complete!
Check out the wonderful changes. 

GGSC rear before 1_edited.jpg
Former enclosed porch with sunroom windows 
Porch reconstruction and repair completed, with new handrail and balusters. 
New handrail, porch railing and porch. Bathroom door being painted. 
A dream realized! The new porch being utilized as a hospitality and gathering area. Elizabeth Titterton, medium from the UK (fourth from the left) in conversation with church members on Sunday, October 1st. 
Deck damage 3.jpg
Previous wood deck and handrail before demolition. 
Demolition revealed damage to existing deck joists.
Thank you to
June Johnson
and David Haddick for the photographs.
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