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Spiritualist Church

Welcome to the

Golden Gate
Spiritualist Church

The Golden Gate Spiritualist Church is a center for peace, centering,

healing, education, fellowship and more.

We offer weekly Sunday services in person and online, and twice a month

evening services on the first and third Wednesday of each month online. 

We are an inclusive church focused on joy, harmony and knowledge of the continuity of life. 

We are celebrating our 99th year this year. We welcome you to join us.

Golden Gate Spiritualist Church 


Sunday, February 26, 2023

All members in good standing are urged to attend in person or on Zoom (you may vote by Zoom if your video is on and we can see you). Please update your membership now. You may use PayPal on this site for your $45.00 membership fee.

*Note the payment is for membership dues.* 

Invoices will be in the mail soon.

Remember, your thoughts and vote count!

Services Schedule for January

Doors Open at 10:30 A.M. for Hands On Healing
Sunday Services begin at 11 A.M.
Wednesday Evening Services begin at 7 P.M. - Please contact us for Zoom link.

Sunday, January 8
In person and Zoom Service
Healing - Barbara Dullea
Speaker - Michael Franklin
Spirit Greetings - Melissa Haddick, Susan Hazard (via Zoom)

Sunday, January 15
In person and Zoom Service
Healing Meditation - Tim Foley
Speaker - Richard Lefief
Spirit Greetings -Susan Hazard

Wednesday, January 18
Zoom Service
Healing - Michael Franklin
Spirit Greetings - Haruka Takate, Susan Hazard (via Zoom)

Sunday, January 22
In person and Zoom Service
Healing - Michael Franklin
Speaker - Barbara Dullea
Spirit Greetings - Melissa Haddick, Hassan Zee

Sunday, January 29
In person and Zoom Service
Healing - June Johnson
Speaker - Tom Flynn (via Zoom)
Spirit Greetings - Tom Flynn (via Zoom)
Hands-On Healing has resumed in person
Join us in church for in-person hands on healing.
Church d
oors open
at 10:30 a.m.

We're glad you found us. Please support us in our service to you.
Please donate to keep our doors open,
so we may continue to be here for you.

NEW! Church rear entrance deck and entertaining porch repairs are complete!
We welcome you to stop by and see the improvements. We are accepting donations to cover the costs of renovation and repair.
See DONATE page for further details. 

Member of the National
Spiritualist Association
of Churches (NSAC)

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