Welcome to the

Golden Gate
Spiritualist Church

The Golden Gate Spiritualist Church is a center for peace, centering, healing,

education, fellowship and more.

We offer weekly Sunday services in person and online, and twice a month

evening services on the first and third Wednesday of each month online. 

We are an inclusive church focused on joy, harmony and knowledge of the continuity of life. 

We welcome you to join us.

Member of the National Spiritualist Association
of Churches (NSAC)

Spiritualist Church

Services Schedule for August

August 3, Wednesday
All Message Service
7:00 P.M. on Zoom 

August 7, Sunday
Sunday service  11 A.M. 
In person and on Zoom
Healing - Barbara Dullea
Address - David Haddick
Mediums - Melissa Haddick and Tom Flynn

A warm welcome to Tom Flynn, a CSNU Medium and Spiritual Healer,
joining us on Zoom from the United Kingdom.

    Spiritualist Tom John Flynn knows how to lift the spirits.
For decades, he's been communicating with and passing along messages from those who've passed over to those left behind.
"Some people get very emotional when their loved ones who've passed reach out to them.
I'm trying to demonstrate that there is something for us to grasp. There is an after-world."

August 14, Sunday
Sunday service 11 A.M.
In person and on Zoom
Healing - Michael Franklin
Address - Charlyn Spitzer, LM
Mediums - Hassan Zee and Charlyn Spitzer, LM

August 17, Wednesday
All Message Service - Testimonials
7:00 P.M. on Zoom
Healing - Charlyn Spitzer, LM
Mediums - Haruka Takate and Hassan Zee

August 21, Sunday
Sunday service  11 A.M. 
In person and on Zoom
Healing - Charlyn Spitzer, LM
Address - Michael Franklin
Mediums - Lisa Jackson and Susan Hazard, CM

August 28, Sunday
Sunday service  11 A.M. 
In person and on Zoom
Healing - June Johnson
Address - Charvonne Carlson
Mediums - Sheila Medina and Charvonne Carlson
A special welcome to our guest speaker and medium Charvonne Carlson, 
current Director of the Church of Peace, a Spiritualist Center.
She is a National Spiritualist Teacher (NST), 
 Certified Medium and Commissioned Healer
through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC). Charvonne is the president
of the NSAC Licentiate Minister and Certified Mediums Society. She teaches classes
on the history of Spiritualism, healing and mediumship as well as serving churches in the
USA and Canada as a medium and inspirational speaker.  


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September 24 - Saturday
In church and on Zoom 
More details soon.