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Spiritualist Church

Welcome to the

Golden Gate
Spiritualist Church

The Golden Gate Spiritualist Church is a center for peace, centering,

healing, education, fellowship and more.

We offer weekly Sunday services in person and online, and twice a month

evening services on the first and third Wednesday of each month online. 

We are an inclusive church focused on joy, harmony and knowledge of the continuity of life. 

We are celebrating our 100th year in 2024.  We welcome you to join now and in the future.

Interested in our events? 

Guest speakers and mediums, classes, workshops, book clubs, medium's're welcome to join us! 

Services Schedule for July
Doors Open at 10:30 A.M. for Hands On Healing. Sunday Services in person and on Zoom begin at 11 A.M.Wednesday Evening Services every first and third Wednesday of the month only on Zoom begin at 7 P.M.
Please contact us for Zoom link if service is offered on Zoom.

Wednesday, July 3
Zoom service only
Healing Meditation - Michael Franklin

Questions and Answers
Spirit Greetings - Susan Hazard CM (via Zoom)

Sunday, July 7
In person and Zoom service
​Speaker - Barbara Dullea
Spirit Greetings - Sheila Medina, Susan Hazard CM (via Zoom)

Sunday, July 14
In person and Zoom service
Celebrate Life Spiritualist Church Service
Healing Meditation - To be announced
Speaker -
To be announced
​Spirit Greetings - To be announced

Wednesday, July 17
Healing Meditation - Michael Franklin
All Message Service - Testimonials
Spirit Greetings - Haruka Takate, Susan Hazard CM (via Zoom)

Sunday, July 21
In person and Zoom service
Speaker - Michael Franklin
Spirit Greetings - Hassan Zee, Melissa Haddick

Sunday, July 28
Celebrate Life Spiritualist Community Service
In person and Zoom service
Speaker - To be announced
Spirit Greetings - Susan Hazard CM (via Zoom)

Wednesday, July 31
In Person Only All Message Service
Healing Meditation  - Michael Franklin
Spirit Greetings - Tracy Thatcher, Hassan Zee, Sheila Medina

Special Fifth Wednesday Evening
All-Message Services

Upcoming in person only services at 7 p.m. on the fifth Wednesday of each month in 2024
July 31
October 30
Join us in person for these special opportunities to enjoy a healing meditation,
share your experiences with Spirit in your life, and witness Spirit communication.
Refreshments will be served after the service.
This service is in person only; it will not be held on Zoom

Contribute today, so we may continue to be here for you. 

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We're glad you found us. Please support us in our service to you.
Please donate to keep our doors open,
so we may continue to be here for you.

Member of the National
Spiritualist Association
of Churches (NSAC)

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